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Contact Information:


Instagram: @alicepercyr |


Alice Percy-Raine

A Material Driven Textiles Designer

Alice Percy-Raine is a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA Honours in Textiles Design. She creates innovative material surfaces that allows the viewer to engage and interact with her pieces through their sensory property of touch.

 Using juxtaposed forms, for example, light and dark, heavy and light, solid and void, transparent and opaque are the underlying principle to her designs. Designing structures only using traditional and non-traditional embroidery techniques allows her pieces to have a playful and rhythmic feel to them.

Visualising her designs as objects within an interior space such as a partition wall divider or perhaps an accessory within a room would create a playful yet active environment in which she believes "that our surroundings around us affect our physical emotions and our well being. Designing tactile and interacting environments allows us as humans to stop and appreciate our spaces a bit more".